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Sd.kfz.140 Panzer 38t - Digital Instructions

Sd.kfz.140 Panzer 38t - Digital Instructions

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NOTE: This product is a set of step-by-step digital instructions that you will receive via email.

Sd.kfz.140 Panzer 38t

Features: Poseable turret, Rolling tracks. 

This model requires 251 LEGO pieces

We spent a good deal of time designing this tank which was originally known as the CKD vz 38, the Panzer 38t was one of the first German light tanks designing during the 1930s, which saw extensive use during World War II.

Our Panzer 38t should be perfect for your invasion of Poland, France and the USSR, however production ended in 1942, when its main gun was deemed inadequate for further military engagements.

In our opinion it is still one of the funniest German light tanks from World War II, in all over 1,400 Panzer 38ts were manufactured. We did our best to keep our Panzer 38t the right scale so that our Panzer 38t will look good next to your German solders, and the chassis of the Panzer 38ts went on to be the base for the Marder III (1942-1944) with some components being used in the later jagdpanzer 38 model 

We hope that you enjoy our Panzer 38t design! 








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