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t-72B3 Ural MBT Tank - Digital Instructions

t-72B3 Ural MBT Tank - Digital Instructions

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NOTE: This product is a set of step-by-step digital instructions that you will receive via email.

t-72B3 Ural MBT.

Features: Poseable Cannon - Detachable Turret -  Detachable Track Armor

This model requires 602 LEGO pieces.

The t-72B3 has been in service since the 1960s. It has served for over 60 years and is still serving today!

It got the name Ural, in its development stage after, the Ural Mountain region.

During the 1980s the Soviet Union exported t-72s to other countries including (Finland, India, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yugoslavia) however on all occasions the tanks exported were downgraded with weaker armor and worse technology as the Soviets wanted the best for themselves.  



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